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About Dr. Ali Caliendo

Dr. Ali Caliendo is a dedicated advocate for children and families, with a special focus on kinship, foster, and adoptive families. As the founder and Executive Director of Foster Kinship, a nonprofit organization in Nevada, she works tirelessly to support kinship families through innovative programs and services.

With a wealth of experience in nonprofit leadership, Dr. Caliendo excels at both strategic and tactical levels. She has a proven track record of turning visionary programs into reality, from fundraising to advocacy initiatives that make a real difference in the lives of families.

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Expert in Child Welfare Policy

Dr. Caliendo’s academic work is centered on the policy implications for children in nonparental care across the United States. Her research delves into the effects of child welfare legislation on nonparental family structures in all 50 states, highlighting key policy areas that may adversely impact children in kinship families. Additionally, she evaluates kinship navigator programs nationwide, aiming to improve their effectiveness and reach.

A Personal and Professional Commitment

As a former licensed foster parent and now an adoptive parent, Dr. Caliendo brings personal experience to her professional endeavors. She is a recognized voice in local, state, and national discussions on kinship care, foster care, adoption, and kinship navigator programs. Her passion extends to raising awareness about Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) and advocating for better services for affected children.

Dr. Caliendo’s dedication to her field is matched by her commitment to her family. She lives in Las Vegas with her husband, Terry, and their two sons, where she continues to champion the needs of kinship families.