Foster Kinship


Ali Caliendo isIMG_4005 the founder and current executive director of Foster Kinship, a 501c3 proudly supporting individuals raising their relative’s children (kinship caregivers) in Clark County, NV.


Foster Kinship was established as a 501(c)(3) organization in 2011 by Alison Caliendo. As a foster/adoptive parent, she has the desire to help the 31,000 children living with relative caregivers in Nevada, also known as kinship care. Foster Kinship was founded with a mission to “strengthen the kinship caregivers’ capacity to provide safe, permanent, and nurturing homes for children.”

Nationally recognized, Foster Kinship is the only non-profit organization in Nevada exclusively serving kinship children and families. Since its inception, Foster Kinship has proudly served over 3,275 children and 2,045 kinship families across Southern Nevada. Responding to the various changes and challenges facing kinship families, Foster Kinship has grown significantly in size, scope, and breadth, including staff with over 25 years of combined experience working with kinship families and children.

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Foster Kinship’s free services include case management, child abuse prevention education, CPR/First Aid/AED and car seat training, emergency services, legal and financial support, community referrals, support groups, family events, notary, and advocacy.

Since opening their doors in May 2012, Foster Kinship has helped nearly 2,500 families and over 3,500 children. Click here to learn more about this important work.

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